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Linkwheel No-longer A Viable SEO Technique

When the linkwheel technique was first shown the masses it was praised as the most up-to-date SEO approach in many SEO circles and perhaps it was, but like everything else once it started obtaining abused Google and other significant search engines like Yahoo and also Bing decreased its effectiveness.

I am Mark Felix and I’ve been involving SEO for over 5 years currently and I’ve had a fair level of success in my market although I’m still discovering it difficult at times to maintain an advanced level of presence within my specialized niche and one might suggest that its not a niche if you don’t dominate your own niche and to some extent I’ll agree.

In this article and similar to many others that I have written another thing is for certain, I never boast of being an expert but I do communicate my thoughts in an authoritative way based on my experience in the field that I am discussing and the lessons I’ve learnt during that moment.

The very first time I created a linkwheel I was thinking the idea was fantastic due to the fact here I was linking practically ten articles together using the same subject and then pinging these to get the search engines to find these with the hope that once found they will get my site better rankings for the specific keywords that we was targeting.

But enables really look at this technique in a more detailed way and then let us imagine we’re Google and then for any of the major search engines to get a second.

The basic idea of a linkwheel is to create several content and then link them in to each other with the intention that they’ll provide more juice for a money site and once among those links gets cached chances are the links will be followed to the various other articles within the wheel, keeping planned that not all wheels are created equal.

The first problem with a linkwheel is the content, imagine writing a piece of writing then spinning it straight into several articles to be used since your spokes, the fact that each of these articles are practically about the same topic using almost the same words or key phrases is a problem to search engines as there is no doubt they can read through that.

The fact that these articles are next linked to each other is an instant give away.

The second problem with here is the pinging technique, again pinging a set of content that are thirty to forty percent identical is a dead give away and some extent if you do this with a new site chances are this great site will disappear from the search engines because pinging large amounts of links from the same source is really a dead give-away, its not natural.

In Googles last update, article websites that came across as marketing duplicate content got condemned and if you really digest the particular format of most linkwheels there is no significant difference. With this in mind lots of website owners have become creative with the concept of trying to disguise the structure for example creating broken added wheels or alternate linking.

The latest techniques being applied will be the pyramid linkwheel where you’ve got numerous levels linking into the other person, the first level could be profile links linking into social bookmarking sites linking into a set of posts and the idea is endless nevertheless think about it for just a second, you are probably doing more harm than good with this.

Allows start with profile links, you’ve created 100 random profiles with links to your site but after that is done you never visit the profile page yet again so there is no activity in that page, how can that will be a good thing? then you touch upon social bookmarking sites which is probably one of the better techniques being used at present. With luck , it looks natural and not spammy.

Then you top it off by linking to a set of articles to complete the format, this might not be the exact format you’ve used yet I’m sure you get what I am trying to make you understand, it’s not powerful, it would seem that it is because of all the energy, but its not.

You might visit a jerk in your rankings however with time that will all go away because there is no substance within the technique. There is no doubt in my mind which at the very beginning these tips and techniques worked and I could be the first to suggest that a person continue to try new suggestions but you also need to stay abreast with techniques that have become useless along with my opinion this one has.

The ideas I have expressed here are most based on my own experiments and the successes and failures associated with my activities, you can trust me and take my term or you can experiment with the idea and if you do become successful with it please send me a message and tell me all about this. We hope this lesson and this directory aids in building your SEO efforts.